Digitalization and introduction of online services are rapidly disrupting the worldwide insurance industry. McKinsey estimates that by 2022 more than 35% of the insurance services will be delivered through online channels engaging directly with the customers.

iCapital has developed a set of advanced and transformative tools that enable insurance companies from all over the world to cross the digital chasm:

  • Customer engagement improvement
  • Financial distributors/channels management automatization
  • Robo-advisory for insurance products
  • Back-office process automatization
  • Customer on-boarding automatization
    • Customer profiling
    • Risk assessment
    • Digital purchase

Using our solutions insurance companies are able to:

  • Introduce new and innovative products to new customer segments
  • Improve broker/channel management through real-time decision making support tools
  • Effectively onboard new customers at a significantly lower cost
  • Penetrate new markets with a specially-designed products